" INTENS™ performs better than other tubes in the dark,
in open and covered terrain in lowest light levels.
It presents a richer contrasted picture of the terrain"

French Special Forces

"I can now operate my helicopter at night level 5
which is a very crucial change to the existing
operations regulations."

European Army Aviation helicopter pilot

"At all conditions INTENS™ outperforms other tubes.
In the open or below coverage, pine trees in winter,
with light levels as low as 0.02mLx [!!]
INTENS™ tube is much better."

Nordic Country Special Forces user.

"The new INTENS™ tubes show improvements
compared to the standard tubes at very low light levels
(< 1mlx scene illumination).
The new tubes give benefits in range at very low scene illumination."

European Special Force user
involved in NATO operations overseas.

"Halo: it is clearly a problem with other tubes.
Here again, PHOTONIS INTENS™ tubes
present smaller halo than competition."

Continental European Army user.


How far can I see with my intensified Night Vision Device ?
This is the most common question asked by Night Vision Device (NVD) users.
One of the most critical 'parameter' for Night Vision Devices (NVD) is the Detection/ Recognition/ Identification (DRI) range at various light levels.
The further distance the user can see, the better he can react as he will be the first to see.

Thanks to continuous investment in Research and Innovation, PHOTONIS is bringing Image Intensifier Tube performance to levels where it had never reached before.

INTENS™ Night Vision Revolution is bringing 40% extra range of DRI than existing tubes available on the market (*).

(*) tested by experienced end-user in actual theatres of operations


Highest performance in all theatres of operations
Highest performance in all lighting conditions
Highest resistance and durability in actual field conditions

INTENS™ is the only Image Intensifier Tube delivering the highest performance in all environments thanks to its exceptionally wide photon collection.

Multi-Mission Night Vision

INTENS™ Revolution allows to collect photons over an extended spectrum being almost twice that of existing technologies, improving the DRI range by a factor of 40%. Covering the spectrum well into the UV (below 400 nm) and into the "Red Spectrum" (up and above 1000 nm), INTENS™ offers the highest versatility of use in all types of terrain (sea shores, desertic areas, mountain scenes, etc which are richer in Blue spectrum as well as forest, jungle and moonless nights which are "carrying" more Red Spectrum). These features of extended bandwidth are unique to the INTENS™ Revolution.


Extended Bandwidth

INTENS™ Revolution operates in all environments: from Ocean to Urban Environment, from Mountain to Desert, in the lowest light levels and most severe deep night conditions as found in dark valleys such as in Afghanistan or in fir trees dense forest by overcast starlight.
INTENS™ highest image quality rovides crucial information on the texture of the terrain making it possible to distinguish water pond / river from flat land / road.
The image quality being in direct relation with the number of photons collected, this unique feature of the INTENS™ Revolution means that in the most severe light conditions, down to night level 6 (<100µlx), INTENS™ brings significant extra DRI range compared to other tubes. These are the conditions where the new INTENS™ Revolution superiority appears most to users.
INTENS™ Extended bandwidth makes it an ideal Night Vision tool to detect most laser and illumination sources facilitating coordinated operations between users of INTENS™ Image Intensifier Tubes.


Auto-gating (ATG)

Auto-gating (ATG) of INTENS™ provide consistent and excellent image in highly dynamic light conditions while increasing optronic performances of the complete night vision device.
Auto-gating (ATG) is a crucial function that is required to operate in dynamic / urban light conditions. ATG is faster than other features on the market keeping the best resolution and contrast at all times.
INTENS™ delivers a consistently high resolution in high-light regime never falling below 57 lp/mm keeping the optimum performance of the tube, continuously revealing mission critical details.
ATG is particularly suitable for Aviator's Night Vision goggles, operations in urban areas or for special operation teams. ATG also safeguards the tube from additional damage and protecting the user from temporary blindness.


Reduced Halo

The very high level of mastering of innovative technology combined with the well-recognized production reliability of PHOTONIS products makes the INTENS™ Revolution fully compliant with the highest specifications of Mil-Spec of Image Intensifier Tubes such as humidity, lifetime, shock, vibration and other tests.
PHOTONIS is certified ISO 9001 on all its production processes

Excellent Lifetime from the worldleading manufacturer PHOTONIS

When operating in dynamic light conditions, images provided through Image Intensifier Tubes show "halos" around the brightest spots in the scene such as streets lights or car headlights that are typically surrounded by bright round areas, disturbing the overall image quality and "whiting out" part or the entire image.
The smaller the Halo, the better the image quality: typically existing Image Intensifier Tubes have a halo size of 1 to 1.25mm on the tube image ouput.
INTENS™ delivers a dramatically reduced Halo of maximum 0.7mm on tube image output allowing to keep a "constant eye on target" that benefits missions in light polluted environments.

  • Under very low light conditions
    one can detect a person at 15-20 meters with existing tubes
    but with an INTENS™ tube that distance almost doubles (30-40 meters).

    Former US SOCOM Officer in European testing environment
  • "Refueling has never been made so easy with INTENS™ tubes.
    Night Vision goggles can be kept on during all flight duration"

    Jack Black
    European jet fighter pilot

INTENS™ is fully compliant to 4G Night Vision Standard

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