Great United States Home and Away Shirt 2016

United States home and away shirts were unveiled jointly by Nike and the United States Soccer Federation. The shirts were designed for 2016 Copa América held in America. Players would wear the Vapor shirt to fight for the championship of the competition.

This newly released home shirt is predominately white in color. It features light blue sleeves in contrast to the body part. The V-collar design with a red stripe looks modern and simple. The federation badge is printed on the chest showing the long history of American football and paying homage to the country. “USA” is knitted on the back of the collar and “1 NATION, 1 TEAM” is sewn on the right and left sleeves, which reflects the idea America initiates. Inside of the shirt, there is also the word “USA” surrounded by these slogans “We can”, “We will”, “We are” in order to encourage players to perform well.

The bold black is used as the main color of the away shirt, showing the profound history of national team. The left and right sleeves are blue and red, which is eye-catching. Each side of the jersey has a black strip, which extends down the jersey and connects with the straps on both sides of the pants to provide good air permeability for players in motion.

Nike innovative AeroSwift technology can make players remove interference and concentrate on games at football pitches. Furthermore, the home and away shirts become lighter and more comfortable than previous ones.

Cheap football shirts are provided for loyal fans at FC Kingdom. Welcome and select your favorite one shirt.

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Good Spain Home and Away Shirt 2016 for Men

Spain is known for the bullfight that started in 1761 all over the world. Although there is some controversy over animal protection, the ancient tradition that is unique to Spain is still preserved and welcomed by many people. In addition to the bullfight, Spain football has become more and more successful. Spain national team is one of mighty football teams in Europe. It won the title of European Football Championship in 1964. After 44 years, it won the championship again. In July 2008, the team ranked the first in a listing about rank order published by FIFA. Besides, Spain national team got Barcelona Olympic Games’ gold medal and won championship of the 2010 World Cup. From 2007 to 2009, the successful team didn’t lose any international matches.

As the supplier of Spain national team, Adidas has been providing high-quality football shirts for the team. It released officially the home and away shirts for 2016 European Football Championship.


The retro home shirt is predominately red and symbolizes the essence of the team. It has a modern V-neck design and is full of small triangles, representing a well-known game that national team players often play in their training. Therefore, these triangles become important factors of the shirt. Three gold Adidas stripes, symbolizing victory, are put on each side of the shirt this time rather than shoulders. The color of shorts and socks are changed into blue and dark blue separately.

The away shirt brings style and football together thanks to the geometric print on the shirt, which uses the colors of the national flag and places the federation crest on the chest, allowing players to passionately show their respect for Spain national team. Besides, ClimaCool technology can keep them cool and dry.

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Cost-effective 2015 Netherlands Away Football Shirts

The new Netherlands away kit unveiled by Nike and Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbal Bond (KNVB), symbolizing amazing speed of Netherlands football. Netherlandish are famous for speed and attacking momentum, high-speed running are the sign of them. The design the new away jersey shows speed, motion and energy pushing the original orange and white jersey to new era.

A Netherlands international said, “The away kit is beautiful with classic design, displaying the spirits of Netherlands. I feel aspirations from football team and football fans.” The innovative pattern on football shorts will bring strong motion and blur lights to footballers. The orange and white lights are extension of patterns on both flanks, representing unique style of Netherlands football. The club crest are printed with orange lion on left chest from 2014. The proud and rampant lion represents united Netherlands footballers. The triangle tag on the interior collar displays the crown on the head of the rampant lion.

The kits embody not only the detailed design of Nike, but also provide innovative kits and sustain development. Perspiration on the surface of body could be charged out quickly, keeping football players cool and dry. All these will make football players concentrated to football matches in ultimately good condition.

Sustainability takes the priority over other things like design and color while. Nike promises to equip the incomparable advantages with football shirts and less effects on environment.

Each kit is made by 16 recycled plastic bottles on average. Since 2010, Nike has diverted almost 3 billion bottles from landfills, enough to cover over 5200 full-sized football pitches.

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Netherlands Home and Away Shirt for Men

New 2016 Netherlands Home and Away Vapor Shirts for Netherlands national team are unveiled. They show completely the traditional values of Netherlands—bravery, leadership and loyalty. The shirts with Nike AeroSwift technology can help athletes eliminate interference and focus on games.

Netherlands 2016 Home Shirt is predominately classic orange. A Nassau blue stripe is put on the V-collar. The badge of Dutch Football Association(KNVB) and Nike Swoosh are eye-catching. A Nassau blue stripe on both sides of the shirt is designed to provide good air permeability for players running on football fields.

There are some details showing respect for the country. The badge of national team is printed on the left by hot-pressing technology. The word “Netherlands” is knitted on the back of the collar. In addition, Oranje(orange) and Leeuwen(lion) are woven on the cuffs.

The design details of this away shirt are consistent with the home shirt. There is some difference between the two shirts. New Away jersey is Nassau blue, not classic orange. The sleeves and shoulders are light blue. The socks are also light blue and have some Nassau blue horizontal stripes.

“Playing for the national team is the biggest dream of every football player. I have been ready to compete with other great teams all over the world. The new jersey looks great. We will put on it and do our best to show the power in a friendly match with France national team.” said Riechedly Bazoer, a football player of the national team.

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Ukraine Home and Away Shirts

Cultivation of interests and building of modern stadium promote football in Ukraine becoming a popular sport.

New home football shirt of the Ukraine football team inherits traditional colors of Ukraine football, symbolizing the good-harvest wheat field, sky and sea respectively.

The logo of Joma and shirt badge are printed on upper right and upper left of Ukraine football shirt respectively. At the bottom of the shirt badge, the word “Ukraine” is printed. A modern touch collar is decorated with a blue strip. Besides clever tailoring on cuffs, navy blue irregular curve stripes on cuffs and chest are highlights attracting sights of loyal fans. Gradually changed vertical hollow pattern are printed on the front.


Similar to home shirt published in 2017, the away football shirt is predominately blue, decorated with striking yellow patterns. Yellow pattern on football shirt symbols wheat in good harvest year. At the same time, blue is a symbol of boundless sea. Designers of Joma takes priority of environmental protection over design details, color and other tiny things.

These striking football shirts are the best devices for professional players at fierce competitions. If you are interested in football, it’s a good opportunity for you to get cheap and high-quality football shirts.


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Wales Home and Away Shirts for Men

The Wales women’s football team is sought after at home and abroad. It is controlled by the Football Association of Wales (FAW), supervisor for football in Wales and the third-oldest national football association in the world.



The team mainly draws players from in the English football league system at all levels including the youth teams. Following tradition of Welsh football, new home shirt is predominately red, decorated with hidden vertical lines. Aaron Ramsey, Gareth Bale, and Jordan Williams participate in feature race for the first time. The young Wales national football team will start a youth storm in France in 2017. Under the supporting of high-tech craftsmanship, the new Wales football shirt is helpful for players at fierce competitions.

The new away shirt is decorated with striking green stripes and green collar on the predominately black cloth. Clever tailoring and special textile with small mesh are helpful for players in excluding interferences and focusing on competitions.

Entirely new home shorts of Wales are white, flanked by red decorative stripes. And socks are red with thread like drawing on the end of socks. Many parents will purchase Welsh football shirt for their kids, to support their outdoor activities.

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France Home and Away Shirts for Women

Entirely new France football shirts for women in 2016 are manufactured in same template. New France home and away shirt for women are different in color. Striking navy blue home shirt is spliced by two parts of cloth in different blue, modern presentation of classic French blue.

Textile under shirt badge with small mesh is weaved by unique craftsmanship, enhancing players experience in degree of comfort. Black stripe is knitted on back collar, with the word “France” embroidered on back. Classic white logo of Nike and shirt badge are printed on upper right and upper left respectively. White cockerel on upper left with its plume raised is surrounded by four stars. Two words – “Fierte” and “Bleu” are printed on interior of sleeves, showing respects to national honor.


Surrounding the “tri-color flag” theme and following the design of France home shirt, the France away shirt of France women’s football team is predominately white, spliced with two different color cuffs. Noticeable places on chest of the new France football shirt for women are decorated with black logo of Nike and cockerel. Black stripe runs the length of football shirt, also a response of black strip on back collar.



Each set of shirt, including garment, shorts and socks, is made of recycled plastics, which is degraded into high-quality yarn and to be used as the main cloth of shirts. Each of them is made of 16 plastic bottle on average.


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Brazil Home and Away Shirts for Women

Covering with entirely new Brazil football shirt, the superb Brazil women’s national football team will participate significant international competitions. In order to show rich history of Brazil national football team, dynamic yellow is taken as its main color. New Brazil football shirt for women is manufactured by high-tech craftsmanship, aiming at reducing interferences and focusing on competition.

Brazil home and away shirts unveiled in 2016 adopt dynamic yellow and blue as main colors respectively. Shirt badge with tiny mesh leaves an extra cool feeling to people. Interior and exterior design details show respect to national honor by two words – “Amor” and “Orgulho”. Green stripes knitted on left and right side of shorts match those knitted on football shirts.


Similar to Brazil home shirt for women, the away shirt for women is navy blue predominately. Shirt badge heat printed on chest shows respect to its football culture. The honorable shirt badge is topped with five stars. The word “Brazil” is embroidered. Please enter Fc into your search engine for more information.

Each kit is made by 16 recycled plastic bottles on average. Since 2010, Nike has diverted almost 3 billion bottles from landfills, enough to cover over 5200 full-sized football pitches.


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England Home and Away Shirts for Women

New England football shirts published in 2016 leave a deep impression to people for its sharp contrast between home and away football shirts.

The predominately white home shirt of England is decorated with V-shaped collar. Noticeable blue logo of Nike and shield of lion are printed on the upper right and upper left respectively. Besides clever tailoring on shoulder parts, the new home shirts of England national football team are spliced by two parts of different color cloth. Blue strip embroidered on back collar is a response of blue stripes emerged on left and right side of football shirt for women.



This is no big change on the template of the England football shirt. The England away football shirt is predominately red, spliced with two wine cuffs. Fiery red England away football shirts for women is easy for loyal fans to pay attention to players on football field.

This fiery red front serves as a foil of the redesigned shield of the Three Lions on the chest of the T-shirt and trousers. The silver effect endowed by the shield gives a more contemporary touch to the football shirt.

The debut of new England away shirts are expected at the international match against Germany on March 22. The navy blue adopted by England football shirt is a color originally coined to the British Royal Navy and used by England last Time in 2012.


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