England Home and Away Shirts for Women

New England football shirts published in 2016 leave a deep impression to people for its sharp contrast between home and away football shirts.

The predominately white home shirt of England is decorated with V-shaped collar. Noticeable blue logo of Nike and shield of lion are printed on the upper right and upper left respectively. Besides clever tailoring on shoulder parts, the new home shirts of England national football team are spliced by two parts of different color cloth. Blue strip embroidered on back collar is a response of blue stripes emerged on left and right side of football shirt for women.



This is no big change on the template of the England football shirt. The England away football shirt is predominately red, spliced with two wine cuffs. Fiery red England away football shirts for women is easy for loyal fans to pay attention to players on football field.

This fiery red front serves as a foil of the redesigned shield of the Three Lions on the chest of the T-shirt and trousers. The silver effect endowed by the shield gives a more contemporary touch to the football shirt.

The debut of new England away shirts are expected at the international match against Germany on March 22. The navy blue adopted by England football shirt is a color originally coined to the British Royal Navy and used by England last Time in 2012.


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