France Home and Away Shirts for Women

Entirely new France football shirts for women in 2016 are manufactured in same template. New France home and away shirt for women are different in color. Striking navy blue home shirt is spliced by two parts of cloth in different blue, modern presentation of classic French blue.

Textile under shirt badge with small mesh is weaved by unique craftsmanship, enhancing players experience in degree of comfort. Black stripe is knitted on back collar, with the word “France” embroidered on back. Classic white logo of Nike and shirt badge are printed on upper right and upper left respectively. White cockerel on upper left with its plume raised is surrounded by four stars. Two words – “Fierte” and “Bleu” are printed on interior of sleeves, showing respects to national honor.


Surrounding the “tri-color flag” theme and following the design of France home shirt, the France away shirt of France women’s football team is predominately white, spliced with two different color cuffs. Noticeable places on chest of the new France football shirt for women are decorated with black logo of Nike and cockerel. Black stripe runs the length of football shirt, also a response of black strip on back collar.



Each set of shirt, including garment, shorts and socks, is made of recycled plastics, which is degraded into high-quality yarn and to be used as the main cloth of shirts. Each of them is made of 16 plastic bottle on average.


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