Ukraine Home and Away Shirts

Cultivation of interests and building of modern stadium promote football in Ukraine becoming a popular sport.

New home football shirt of the Ukraine football team inherits traditional colors of Ukraine football, symbolizing the good-harvest wheat field, sky and sea respectively.

The logo of Joma and shirt badge are printed on upper right and upper left of Ukraine football shirt respectively. At the bottom of the shirt badge, the word “Ukraine” is printed. A modern touch collar is decorated with a blue strip. Besides clever tailoring on cuffs, navy blue irregular curve stripes on cuffs and chest are highlights attracting sights of loyal fans. Gradually changed vertical hollow pattern are printed on the front.


Similar to home shirt published in 2017, the away football shirt is predominately blue, decorated with striking yellow patterns. Yellow pattern on football shirt symbols wheat in good harvest year. At the same time, blue is a symbol of boundless sea. Designers of Joma takes priority of environmental protection over design details, color and other tiny things.

These striking football shirts are the best devices for professional players at fierce competitions. If you are interested in football, it’s a good opportunity for you to get cheap and high-quality football shirts.


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